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About Rebar
How is Rebar Made?
As we are environmentally conscious as a company, we choose to supply our Rebar from Scrap Steel, produced by using an Electric Arc Furnace that does not use gas or coal to heat it. Here, scrap steel is collected from various steel mill sources and put into a large ladle where the steel undergoes a melting process up to temperatures reaching 1,800° Fahrenheit.

In this state of molten steel is poured and cast. Then, the molten steel is poured into the tundish to feed into the caster and avoid splashing. This method also gives the molten steel a smoother flow. Then molten steel is poured into a series of casters giving the steel its shape. As a result, the shapes formed are known as billets used to develop the raw rebar products A&S Rebar stocks for you.
Epoxy-Coated Rebar
Our Epoxy-coated Rebar is black Rebar with an epoxy coat. It has the same textile strength and is 70 to 1,700 times more resistant to corrosion.
Carbon Steel Rebar (Black Rebar)
The most common Rebar, "black" rebar, is used on every type and scale of a project with few exceptions. If your rebar job is exposed to humidity or water saturation, there are better options than black Rebar.
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Construction Materials and Services
Reinforcing Steel
• Tie Wire
• Rebar Chairs
• Plain
• Epoxy
• Galvanized Steel
• Couplers
• Rebar Cages
• Dowels
• Wire Mesh
• Form Savers
• Bridge Decks
• Catch Basins
• Culverts
• Frames & Covers
• Inlets
• Manholes
• Prestressed
• Retaining Walls
• Vaults
Building Materials
• Drywall
• Gypsum Board
• Insulation Lumber
• Plywood
• Roofing Materials
• Drainage
• Sanitary
• Wastewater
• Sewer
• Misc Metals
• Girders
• Beams
• Piles
• Sheeting
• Micropiles
• Steel Frame
Miscellaneous Metals
• Stair Treads
• Handrails
• Vanities
• Louvers
• Beam Fabrication
Paint & Coatings
• Interior & Exterior Paint & Coatings
• Commercial High-Performance Coatings
• Concrete & Masonry Products
• Cuff Links
• Anchor Bolts
• Uppers
• Rebar Chains
Plumbing Supplies
• Pipe
• Fittings
• Fixtures
• Valves
• Pumps
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